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Wrestling Jackets

WWE History
WWE was founded by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt in 1952, they named it Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC). The wrestling sport has numerous name changes in over 60 years history but still making a very good impact in audience. After CWC it changed as WWWF form as (World Wide Wrestling Federation) and then in mid of 1980's it changed in WWF (World Wrestling Federation). In all three forms by names WWF was successful addition where we have seen many legendary wrestlers came and battle against horrible opponents. After 1994 hall of fame show federation was in treble with some misunderstanding with co-owners, in the end the name was changed last time before in 1996 and it forms WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) there most WWF wrestlers returned and some goes to other federation TNA. In 2017 still the name is balanced with WWE but there are lot of changes in belts and main events.
WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment is always very good source of entertainment for us. I am personally following event since my childhood and I know there are many people who are just like me, crazy fan of wrestling. It’s always been the major part and parcel of our lives. The entertainment of ring always gives us great enjoyment and thrill. We all have our favorite wrestlers in Smack down, Raw, TNA, and NXT. Just like if you are going to buy something you only buy that product you like you didn’t ask for disliked things. As a leather manufacturer we are doing our duty, we are committed to provide each and every Jacket of your favorite stars. Today we are featuring a whole new dedicated category of Leather jackets that is called the WWE jackets. This category of Leather jackets offers more variety and costumes just like the ones we see on screen with the famous Superstars of the events. WWE is the most watched sports in the world, the biggest show ever and 150 countries combined watching this entertainment Television show. The heartbreaking matches in every week and the main events in month after month it’s such a beautiful routine for the fans to watch their superstars in every week. 
There is one more thing which made this industry more popular, and it's none other than the wrestlers who put the soul in this show. If I am not wrong than think, can we imagine WWE without The Undertaker, Stone Cold, Triple H or John Cena?  No we can’t. Do you remember when Undertaker knocked out Shawn Michael, how much people were crying. Remember when john Cena Got injured, his fans were like everything has been broken and there is nothing to watch. When Daniel Brian retired in 2016; oh god! that was unexpected show when he came to the ring and tell his story to the fans. All in all one thing is clear that WWE is not only the entertainment; it has pure emotions attached with fans that watch this sport in every week and follow superstars in every day. 

Jackets inspired by WWE Wrestlers
As we know that there are lot of fans that wants to look like their favorite Superstar and dress up like them. So you just don’t have to worry about that because Stylowears brings amazing collection of WWE jackets on the website. Some wrestlers who are not so great in wrestling but a great entertainer and a style icon just like The Miz, AJ Style and Cody Rhodes; their style always attracts and makes us crazy for that fashion which they use in their appearance. Now Stylowears brings it all in one place to show large category and give you to maximum range for choice. We bring the best collection of WWE superstars here to perfect bonds with you and also compliment your outlook. The jacket of iconic legendary wrestler Cold Burg is here in such a amazing price and Free nationwide shipping offer, the Roman Reigns Spider vest is also included here after his popularity in WWE. We have Chris Jericho Lighting jacket that he use various time when he was entered on the ring.

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