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The Rock

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson was born in Hayward, California United States America, he is the son of Former professional wrestler Rocky Johnson. His grandfather was also a wrestler and he joined wrestling in his peak time. There are couple of women’s who are related from wrestling in his family. Johnson moved from Auckland New Zealand in his early age with his mother. He lived there for 10 years before returning in USA, he was in 10th standard at President William McKinley High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was good in sports and play football for his school he was also a member of wrestling teams in school time. Johnson was promising footballer and he gets many offers from divisions and clubs but he shows his interest towards Tackles and he gets full scholarship from Miami University. He included in Miami Hurricanes national championships team, after his injury he replaced by Star Warren Sapp. In the last year of university Dwayne met her future wife Dany Garcia. She was graduated from the University in 1992 and later she became a member of Universities trustee. Dwayne Johnson graduated in bachelor of general studies in criminology from Miami University in 1995.

The Rock (Wrestler)

Dwayne shows his intent towards wrestling like his father and grandfather, and there are many relatives of Dwayne who are involved in wrestling. His father trained himself. After training of one year Johnson signed a contract with WWF and he received additional training from professional trainers. He shows the world that he is going to do big in World wrestling with his unique style and unbeatable stamina.

Johnson declared his name as The Rock and people chanting "Rock Rock" in his every match in the ring. He has been listed as one of most popular and greatest wrestler of all time. Rock is also the top wrestler in box office draws of wrestling history. When he returned in wrestling in 2001 the episode ranked was 7.1 highest of 2001. The Rock was also the part of highest rated match of 2000 with rating of 8.1. When Rock back in raw episode in 2011 the record 4.7 billion people watched that show. The Rock hosts the Wrestle Mania 2011 and he became the first ever wrestler to host the event. He was the first wrestler to win WWF Championships for six times, he was youngest WWF champion of his time also. He is first wrestler to wrestling in five consecutive wrestle Mania title matches. He is very famous and popular wrestler of all time and now he is a living Legend of wrestling. He was on the cover for first three video games of WWE series and its record for best selling combat sports game in single format, for Play Stations 3.2 Billion copies sold out.

Acting Career (Dwayne Johnson)

Johnson acted on television while he was a famous wrestler, and it was good opportunity for Disney channel to rate rock and gained some respective ratings of their channels. In 1999 he was appeared first time for acting job; he liked it and shows his intent towards acting. He was casted in the debut film The Mummy Returns (2001) in record offer for debut star. He done a lot of movies from 2001 to 2017. Star in big projects and working with industry as long as possible. He was featured in action films thriller movies comedy projects and also as a police officers. He has done many roles in his movies. He is best known for the character Luke Hobbs (police officer) in Fast & Furious series from part five. Johnson hosted many award shows and won several awards for his acting. Johnson named highest grossing actor of 2013, his movies bringing $1.3 billion Worldwide for the year. His coming big project is the fate of the Furious 8 in April 2017.

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