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Steve Rogers

Captain America

Captain America is a fictional superhero character which was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1939 appearing in DC comics published by Marvel. Captain America was designed in 1941 as a patriotic soldier with the abilities who can fight against the Axis powers of World War. He was the most popular character during the War time period. Captain America is most lovable character in America because he is very honest and patriotic for his country. The Captain america costume he wore is containing the American flag motif and his armed shield that he used as a weapon. Captain America's abilities was created by unwanted experiment by United States government in the end of World War II. Steve Rogers was trapped in ice mountains by American soldiers he felt in trouble and injured very badly and he was nearly to die. After some basic treatments he survived but gone in Comma. American soldiers applied some chemical reaction on Steve Rogers and due to this reaction he survived after 100 years. After coming in the present days as a super soldier he named as a leader of his community Avengers where all the other super heroes appeared. Captain America is 6th ranked super hero of all the time in produced by American comic books. Previously there are 8 more characters that have been portrayed as Captain America in different movies and TV series. Captain America was the first Marvel character to appear in media outside comics. The character has been featured in other films and television series.  Recently the new history was created by writer as Steve Rogers character.

About Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Steve Rogers was born in 1925 New York City, in the home of poor Irish immigrants. His father was died when he was child and her mother died when he was teenager.  Before 1940 World War II, Rogers was tall young boy who was specializing in arts and comics writer. Rogers attempts to enlist but he was rejected due to his frail body. Army General Chester Phillips was impressed from his confidence and he used Rogers as test subject for the super soldier who is lonely equal to 100 well trained soldiers.

Scientist Abraham Erskine made special serum which was used in the body of Steve. After many long years, Rogers open his eyes and feel the strength due to that Serum by Erskine, Rogers converted in perfect human shape with agility stamina and intelligence. He mistakenly punched one man in the staff and he died with his powerful punch Steve Rogers becomes super soldier and yet he can’t believe on the situation. He thanked to Erskine for giving him chance to protect his country and being a leader of soldiers.

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