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Resident Evil Series

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is a multi personality women. She is daring American model, actress, producer, musician and fashion designer. She started the clothing line with her friend model Carmen named Jovovich Hawk. She earned a lot of respect in fashion designing and being very successful. Jovovich also have her own production company named Creature Entertainment. Jovovich released her album in 1994 The Divine Comedy. She continued to release demo’s albums of other songs on her official website. She started to contribute in film soundtracks also since 2003. This multitalented actress was born in December 17th 1975. She is currently 41 years old but still looks like 30 years old. She was born in Kiev but later migrate to America when she was five years old. She started her modeling career in the age of 12 when Rifts took her photos for Italian magazine. Later she casted for advertisements and commercials, Jovovich offered for the role in television film the night Train to Kathmandu in 1988. It was her first acting role in television. She also appeared for feature film Two Moon Junction in 1988. Jovovich is a beautiful actress when it’s come to romance, she gained attention of critics first time in 1991, she starred for the sequel of 1980 romantic adventures film Blue lagoon in return to the Blue Lagoon 1991 when she was only 15.

She was considered in 1997 for breakthrough by her role in French film The Fifth Element, which was written and directed by Luc Besson. She starred in another movie of Luc Besson as heroin and martyr in The Messenger: Story of Joan 1999. Jovovich have done many science fiction and thriller movies but she best known for her role in the Resident Evil movie series which was started in 2002. She starred in the science fiction horror film Resident Evil, she have done her role as Alice in five sequels in between 2004 to 2016.

Resident Evil (2002)

The first part of this movie series was released in March 2002 in USA and the movie was directed by Paul W.S Anderson. In this movie many scientist died in US paramilitary unit and it was against powerful “Super Computer” system. They all died in laboratory accident and some virus was released in the city which cost for many deaths. This movie earned 102.4 million dollars in box office. Critics didn’t like this movie but the movie gained some respect in theaters.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

The second part of the Resident Evil series out in September 2004 in the production of Paul W.S Anderson and directed by Alexander Witt. In the second part of the movie Apocalypse find Alice who was underground previously, she got Umbrella facility there and lives with a band of other survivors.

This movie was opened to theaters on 10th September 2004 in a budget of $40 millions. The film respectively earned $129 million worldwide and beat the first part of the series in business. Resident Evil: Apocalypse again received negative reviews from viewers but this time with some positivity too.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

This is the third part of the movie series and a lot of positivity rather previous two, critics like the character of Alice in this part and having said that Alice is watchable character but this series need to be more improvement. After Umbrella Corporation, Alice found genetic alterations that give her the superhuman abilities. This film is surrounding over the group of survivors from Raccoon City. They all travel one place to other to escape a Zombie apocalypse. Alice also tried this part to eradicate the virus which is cost to turn every human on the earth into zombie. This film was directed by Russell Mulcahy and having bad reviews again from critics. The film earned $147 million highest of the series.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Finally Resident Evil: Afterlife creates good impact on critics in 4th part of the movie. Alice continued her fight against Umbrella Corporation and rescued the remaining survivors in Los Angeles. There are some gaming characters too who appeared first time in the movie series. This movie was directed by Paul W.S Anderson and this time he didn’t make mistakes. The movie earned highest grossing from the series $296.2 million.

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

This is the direct sequel of Resident Evil: Afterlife in this part of the series focused on Alice, she was caught by Umbrella Corporation in previous part. Corporation forced her to make underwater facility in north as they can do the test of T-virus. This film singed many returning actors along with new characters from the game. The film was on theaters in 2011 and done the business of $240.2 million.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

This science fiction series has managed five sequels and soon set to release 6th part as the Final Chapter. In between 2002 to 2017 Resident Evil producers managed 6 movies which is the record also. This series is producing and Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. He cast Jovovich in all 6 parts and later he married with her in 2007. Her wife Jovovich give birth two children in Los Angles. Anderson is writing and directing the sixth and final film of the series subtitled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, And the movie will began in January 2017. This movie is expected to be the highest grossing of the series which is now holding by Resident Evil: Afterlife.

The film will be continuing from the last film where the humanity is on its last legs after Alice is betrayed by Wesker in Washington D.C. the plot picks up immediately and will see the return of Alice in Final chapter. Alice must came to Raccoon city where these all nightmare get started, Alice will join the force for the final time and fought against undead hordes and new mutant monster. The film is all set for release on December 23, 2016 in Japan and on New Year January 27, 2017 in America.

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