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Hugh Jackmen
Hugh Jackmen is a famous Aussies actor. He was born in New South Wales Sydney. His parents were British and they came here in 1967. Jackmen has four older siblings; he was born secondly by parents after arrived in Australia. His parents divorced when he was only eight years old Jackmen remained in Australia with his father while his mother moved back to England with his two sisters. In childhood Jackmen ideal job was to be the chef of plans. After graduation from University of Technology Sydney, he went to England. In 1991 Jackmen did BA in Communication. He started drama course in his final year of university. He was bright student and gave some impact performance during his graduation. Later he received phone call offering him a role in Corelli drama series. Jackmen started one year course The Journey at the actors centre in Sydney. He felt in love with acting and in 22 years he changed his Hobby to being an actor. After completing one year course he gets offered by Soup Opera Neighbors but he refused it. He went to western Australian Academy of performing Arts of Edith Cowan University in Perth and complete graduation in 1994. Hugh Jackmen married his soul mate Deborra Lee Furness on 11 April 1996. They met on Australian TV show, Jackmen personally designed engagement ring for her Furness and Jackmen adopted two mixed race children named Oscar and Ava. In 2005 Jackmen started longtime assistant to john Palermo to create his own production company. He has done it and his first project was Viva Laughlin in 2007. His wife Furness also involved in this production company and once Jackmen said, "I'm very lucky in the partners I work with in my life, Deb and John Palermo. It really works. We all have different strengths. I love it. It's very exciting. Jackmen worked on films Law of the Land and some other big projects. Jackmen was known first time outside the Australia in 1998 when he played the role Curly in Royal Nation Theatres under the production of Oklahoma. Later he received Olivier Award Nomination for his performance. Jackmen casted first time for X-men series as Wolverine in Bryan Singers X-men 2000. Jackmen was disappointed as he has some lines in the movie but he did hard work he practiced a lot for his role and finally he gets major roles in X-men movies as most favorite well known character "Wolverine". Jackmen casted in 2003’s X2, X-men united, in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand, and 2009 prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In 20011’s X-men: First Class wolverine role was played by James Howlett but in 2013 Jackmen returned for his role in X-men: the last Stand.

Logan 2017 by Hugh Jackmen (Wolverine)
"Logan" is upcoming movie under the banner of Marvel. In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces. Marvel was founded in 1939 in New York City of United States and it was started by Martin Goodman. In simple words marvel is a comic’s book and media founder. Marvel created many characters in their books and they produce some exceptional stories in movies world.  Logan is new character founded by marvels in comic books and now it’s becoming a movie in 2017. The story was written by David James Kelly and film is direct by James Mangold, James also wrote the screenplay with Michael Green and Scott Frank. James was born in New York, After Graduation from Washington High School he went to Arts institute of film and video programming. Hugh Jackmen announced that upcoming Logan movie will be the final time he plays the role of Wolverine. Logan movie is set to release in March 2017. It will be the best movie of 2017 for Wolverine series till the date. People saying that Logan movie will be the best movie among all superhero movies. One main reason is "Jackmen" because he is portraying in role of Wolverine character, one last time.

Wolverine is a fictional character known as Logan sometimes as weapon X. Wolverine is appearing in American comic’s book published by Marvel comics. Wolverine mostly associated with X-men series. Wolverine is a mutant, he has animal keen senses and sic retractable bone claws in his hands. Wolverine depicted variously as a member of Alpha Flight, Avengers and X-men. Wolverine character was created by writer Len Wien. Marvels art director John Romita design the wolverine character. After the complete structure of wolverine he joined the superhero team X-men in December 1982. Debuted wolverine is a typical tough antihero and he emerged in American culture after the Vietnam War. After created since two years wolverine character became the fan favorite character and rising franchise decided to feature wolverine in his own solo comics since 1988. Wolverine became popular day by day and featuring in movies games and live actions of 20th Century Fox Studios. In which Hugh Jackmen portrayed the character of wolverine in ten films. Wolverine ranked #1 in wizard magazine 2008 in top 200 comic characters and ranked 4th in IGN’s 2011 in top 100 comic’s book heroes. Hugh Jackmen portrayed the character of wolverine for 17 years many people know him as wolverine and seems his success in what he does in 17 years.

In 2017 Logan movie Hugh Jackmen is likely portrayal his last character as Wolverine.

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